Monday, June 15, 2009


Versatile, Lightweight, Luminous!

Are you ready for the hottest product to hit the special event industry this year? Well here you go -- PortaD├ęcor!

PortaDecor’s is a Modular event Furniture system that is the most versatile, simplest and hottest looking decor product in the world.

It is a custom fabricator of fine Portable event furniture for the Event and Night Club Decor Industry. They are waterproof/rustproof and are great for any outdoor event. The system consists of modular units that together can create hundreds of lounge and decor combinations. The modular system assembles and breaks down in less than 15 seconds.

These units can be used to enhance a night club as permanent fixtures of their decor, or simply to rent to a client to dramatically class up any venue for an event.

All of PortaDeocr’s event furniture is designed to light up with wireless Led lights, to give you a beautiful even dispersed palette of color. (Wireless LED Lights sold separately)

With virtually infinite different configurations from a Soho Lounge to V shaped bar to Led Dance Floor or Catwalks, to Illuminated Ottomans, you can give your client a true bang for their buck!

For more information please visit:, photo credit: PortaDecor

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  1. I just came across this PortaDecor feature while doing a google search. We are so happy you like the product. If you have any questions or interest in purchasing/renting from us in the near future, PLEASE feel free to contact us.
    Thanks again!
    Crystal Starr Outler



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